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Science Experiments

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Pique an Interest in Science | Compilation of AK Academy's Most Popular Science Experiments

Pique an Interest in Science | Compilation of AK Academy's Most Popular Science Experiments

Watch shortened versions of some of our most popular science experiments and watch the full length versions of the ones that you/your child/your student find interesting! For teachers: If you are looking for activities to pique your students interest in science, let them watch this video and select the one they want to explore further. All full length experiments are 3-5 minutes long. After selecting the one they are interested in, they can watch the video and write the most surprising thing they learning from watching the video. If you have the resources and materials, maybe each student can do the experiment they chose (you might have to demonstrate the levitating match one). This choice might help them find something tailored to their interests and can also help you gauge the general interests of the class for different activities. You can check out our channel for more science experiments to incorporate into your lessons. If you wish to take this a step forward and engage your students even more in this lesson, consider asking your students to become members on our site (or maybe you can become a member and post your students' responses). The students can write about their experiences watching/doing (doing is even better) the experiments and to explain what they learned from the activity. You/your students can post their experience in our forum under the topic "Experiment Experiences" and I can get back to them, providing feedback. If your students enjoyed the experiments and collaboration on our site, you can provide them with details and encourage them to continue using our platform. Our goal is to foster a young, safe community of students interested in science where they can respectfully share their thought and ideas. All post and topics in our forum are moderated, ensuring students stay safe. Stay updated! Subscribe to our channel: Like our Facebook page: All the Experiments (and timestamps) and Links 0:00 Homemade Ice Cream 1:30 Magic Rollback Can 2:09 Floating Water Magic 2:48 Glowing Lava Lamp 3:52 Levitating Match Playlist with all of them:
Glowing Lava Lamp Science Experiment