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AK Academy’s mission is to enrich students’ engagement and understanding of various scientific topics and what it means to be a scientist. This 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, under the corporate name PowerLearn, Inc., was also formed for the purpose of aiding students of low-income communities in their educational pursuits.

About Us


Founder and President


Anisha Kumar is currently an Ardsley High School student in New York. She started this organization as a simple educational blog in 2017. Soon, it evolved into a science experiment YouTube channel. After two years on YouTube, Anisha Kumar has officially received 501(c)(3) status for her organization AK Academy, PowerLearn Inc. Her goal is to help students find passion in science through hands-on science activities. She has held interactive workshops at local libraries, both virtually and in person. She has also conducted a workshop at Concord Road Elementary School. To address her mission of bringing science resources to low income communities, she has partnered with local groups to raise money and is now working to hold free workshops in collaboration with libraries in New York City. 

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